Ms. Williams is an expert in technology and teaches at the University of Phoenix. She also has a passion for helping people connect to values that help us make well-informed decisions before voting. Tap into her wealth of knowledge about this subject.

I may have some surprise guests Tuesday-Thursday but the plan is to have open discussions with the listeners. I’ll be addressing such issues as diversity and the presidential campaign among others and invite the listeners to call in with your comments.

Russell M. Perry is a fascinating man who owns more than 10 radio stations, including the 5-station cluster in North Augusta, S.C., a TV station, publishing company and more. He serves on a regional federal reserve board. He has experienced challenges and success and will be sharing his story with us during a candid interview […]

The phone lines will be open both hours. Elise Shore will discuss election protection and voting rights. She’s an attorney who has served with the Justice Department and is now assisting the public through her work with MALDEF, The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. In the second hour, we’ll remain on the topic of […]

Don Harris will discuss the performance The Company of Job, to be performed at the Westobou Festival.

Tyrone Butler, founder and Executive Director of The Augusta Mini Theater, will discuss the history of the theater and the company’s new building.

During the first hour, I’ll speak with Ms. Barbara Gordon, publisher of the Metro Courier, about local issues. During the second hour, I’ll be speaking with renowned gospel artist, Jubba, who has some energetic music and lyrics that really challenge us to examine our walk of faith. We’ll also discuss his upcoming performance at the Westobou […]

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