There are a number of organizations around the world that do a lot of good for many people. Kathy Tuckey and Pam Lightsey will tell us about some of the great works being done by the Rotary organization on the local, national and international levels. John Trasvina is President and General Counsel of the Mexican American […]

Carl will lead open discussion.

Carl will lead an open discussion. Dr. Wilde will discuss items related to flu season, including care tips.

Dr. Davidson  is a psychologist and masters level social worker at the Medical College of Georgia. He will lead a discussion that centers around the effects of the holiday season on people around the country: seasonal depression. Part of the focus will deal with dealing with the problem. Samantha Ellefson is a registered dietitian with the Medical College […]

Jonathan Butler is a renowned guitarist and vocalist who was born and raised in South Africa and now lives in America. He’ll discuss some of the similarities and differences regarding race relations in the two countries. He’ll also talk about his music career. Laverne Gold and Rina Powell will continue Carl’s focus on Building Community […]

Kathy Tuckey heads the local Alzheimer’s Association. She’ll discuss the disease and coping methods for family members. Lee Smith heads the CSRA’s Community Foundation. He’ll talk about the organization’s role in helping other groups.

Dr. Lamal is a psychologist who will help us gain more insight into why we and others vote the way we do. Carl will lead open discussion.

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