Bill Atkinson is very involved with the community serving on the board of the New Bethlehem Community Center among other things. He has also spent many years working in the area’s health industry and will talk about the history of that industry. Paine College is growing in more ways than one. Listen to the press […]

Commissioner Corey Johnson is pursuing public service with passion. He’ll discuss some  challenges and answers. It’s great to address problems facing our teens but it’s even better when the teens are participating in the discussion. Some of the area’s teens will talk about life from their perspective.

Coach Barney Chavous has had a great career in football having played in high school and college and having started for the Denver Broncos. He’s now teaching life skills to the football players of T.W. Josey where he serves as head coach. Hear him and three of the team’s players as they discuss some of the […]

Currently lead by Ms. Reid Hall and her assistant, Mr. Jeffrey Rosche, The Evans High School Band has been winning awards for years. Listen in as four of their band members discuss the relevance of music in society and as well as the role it plays in their lives. Then listen to a Christmas concert […]

Realizing that the height of the holiday season has arrived, Carl will replay an important discussion he had with Dr. Davidson regarding holiday blues and how to cope with them. Evans High School has been winning awards in areas additional to band, including academic and football. Principal, Don Brigdon will discuss the overall strategy of […]

Tom Tuckey is retired after having had a distinguished career in the military. He now helps the military and civilian communities connect to each other, even in business. On this show, he’ll tell us how. 

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