There are quite a few matters of diversity and, as we know, not all center around race. One of the big battles of the day centers around age. We hear many stories of the ongoing conflict between the younger and older generations. On job sites, many older supervisors talk about the difficulty in getting younger […]

Cindy Tesch is a counselor with the Consumer Credit Counseling Agency. She has shed light on several money management topics before and will be joining Carl this time to give great tips on Debt Management.  

Carl will continue last Wednesday’s discussion on ways in which married couples can strengthen their marriages by following principles laid out in Ephesians chapter 5. During the second hour, Carl will discuss matters of parenting and stress based on findings from psychology surveys. The discussion will include steps that help reduce stress. Many are more optimistic about […]

One of the unfortunate realities of our society is the prevalence of child sexual abuse. Since it is a reality, we need to know what is being done about it and how we can help. Gennette Messer specializes in child sexual abuse and will discuss ways in which child victims are helped, how parents can […]

RG has a passion for young people and wants to see them live better lives. He’ll discuss this, especially regarding educational challenges.

Carl invites you to take a look at his thoughts regarding the decision of the majority of the nation’s people to come together during the recent presidential campaign and where we should go from here. Be sure to leave your comments about this and other topics heard on the program.

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