MY THOUGHTS ABOUT BLACK HISTORY     When I contemplate black history, I first think about mankind’s connection to the Creator: all three. I think about the decision of the Trinity to make man in God’s image. Then I can’t help but think about the tremendous good that was in man from his beginning. The goodness […]

Two of the areas where experts say people can help build or tear down our own lives regard how we think and what we say: especially about ourselves. You need to hear motivational speaker, Ms. Evelyn Lowe, as she encourages us to “Hold That Thought And Bridle Your Tongue.” She’ll talk us through the process […]

There are things we can do to help improve our health: including our brains. Carl will share some of these tips. The focus is primarily on physical health during the second hour as Carl hosts Ms. Shanta Johnson, owner of The Essential Cleansing Center. Ms. Johnson will discuss the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, the most […]

A major goal of Speaking With…(TM) is to encourage people to celebrate diversity. Realizing that people may find this difficult, even if only on a subconscious level, if we believe any major group has been cursed by God, Carl continues to clarify that the black race has not been cursed by God as is erroneously […]

Carl will resume his discussion of ways in which we can help teens develop themselves into productive adults. If you have teens near and dear to your heart, share these tips with them. They will be addressed from a teen’s point of view. Dr. Dugan is Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rush […]

The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) has been through some changes but tremendous progress has been made and it appears that more progress is on the horizon. Mr. Don Snell, a man highly regarded for his ability to help turn around medical institutions and CEO of MCG Health, Inc., in an interview held at MCG, shared what it […]

Many people enjoy walking through new homes whether to plan for their new home or just to have fun looking. “Rocky” has a beautiful Tuscan home that Carl toured as Rocky described the home and furnishings. Showing his diversity of talents, Attorney Rocky designed his home (along with input from his wife) and much of […]

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