When it comes to diversity, we often play differences up for more than they’re worth and minimize commonalities that have great value. We see this in race relations, age group relations…gender relations. Whether we’re playing up the differences or playing down the similarities, we tend to pit the groups against each other, developing that famous […]

Barring the unforeseen, Carl will share the discussions of this enlightening prerecord of his visit to the state capitol in Atlanta. Thinking about visiting Europe in the near or distant future? How about doing business there? Carl lived there as a child and is still impressed when he talks with people who have lived or […]

Carl will continue his discussion of some of the foods deemed to be 2009’s worst. You can still eat some of it if you want to. You might want to take it easy though. At 1:30, Carl and the extraordinary realtor, Cynthia Rhodes, of Keller Williams Realty, will team up again to discuss the local […]

We often associate many things with the need for power. The power needed to lift a certain amount of weight. The power needed to exercise a certain level of influence. The power needed to make certain purchases… But what happens when we’re upset by someone who tries to embarrass us? What about the times that […]

Some of life’s simplest pleasures are some of life’s most fulfilling pleasures. Carl has long appreciated the many telethons that do so much to help so many. Now he gets his chance to participate in one. Perry Broadcasting of Augusta, owner of WTHB 1550AM, The Voice, the station that airs Speaking With…(TM) Carl Thornton, Jr., […]

Carl continues his participation in the St. Jude telethon. Help out with your contributions.

Carl began a discussion of the European Union on the 16th by laying a foundation for further discussion as he laid out the history of the European Union. He’ll resume this “virtual tour” as he tells more about the interesting background. During the second hour, Carl will discuss a variety of topics including some of the worst […]

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