Carl has the opportunity to facilitate a long-awaited second interview with Russell M. Perry, extraordinary businessman with a compelling story. Taking on life with great determination, this extraordinary man opens up his life as he relates starting his publishing company with a family and $12,000 and went on to build an empire that includes, among others, the […]

There are many reasons that people embrace particular political values. To be associated with a particular group, to be loyal to a particular friend who’s affiliated with a specific party… Carl continues to open up a discussion of what shapes our political values and what may prompt some to change their values. On Memorial Day, […]

Offending God is something that many do and it happens often, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally. Carl continues to guide the community through a discussion that centers on how even people who are considered His children sometimes offend God. The goal is to help us become more aware of how we move into the offensive mode […]

Continue on the journey that explores the political values held by citizens of various political affiliations and views. Discussion centers on a recent study and some of Carl’s own observations. Helen Kim helps Carl begin an addition to the program that he’s been wanting to start for some time: conversations with members of the Asian-American […]

Carl takes the listening community further through this look at the country’s current  political values. Get ready to fasten your seat belts as you travel the country and the world – via airwaves – and get the scoop on the news at a fast pace.

Carl will let you in on some very inspiring conversations with the family of a great soldier as he plays a recording made at the home of Ms. Jackson as she hosted Carl and two of her daughters who also engaged Carl as they spoke about now deceased Col. Alan Jackson. Carl also plans to […]

Carl continues his celebration of achievements made by Latina women. Cynthia Rhodes is the realtor with Keller Williams Realty who is the local real estate expert who helps the listening community gain awareness of matters relating to residential and commercial real estate. Bringing years of experience to the table, as well as a lot of […]

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