Carl will complete his tribute to Michael Jackson as he further highlights some of the people who impacted the superstar’s career and concludes with a fitting request. Drafts and trades. What has taken place in the NBA? Carl will help answer this question from a local and national perspective.

Dr. Pamela Peeke is an outstanding health expert. She is the Chief Medical Correspondent for the Discovery Health Channel, is featured in the award-winning National Body Challenge and is best-selling author of Fit to Live. Just for starters. Be sure to join in as the “doc who walks the talk” gives vital information on improving […]

In this continuation of Politics and Morality, Carl expands on the emphasis God places on fasting for the purpose of helping others and shows that even with political matters, love should be the guiding motivator. Robert Thurman, Vice President of a branch of Queensborough National Bank and Trust, joins Carl as they discuss the role […]

Carl will walk through some drug abuse prevention steps recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Find out about some more amazing discoveries about the amazing mind and how to sharpen it.

Carl is going to celebrate Independence Day! Pleased that America won her freedom from Britain and that both nations have maintained a good relationship since, Carl hosts Tawana Williams, a dynamic lady who has no arms and  has written the book Unarmed but Dangerous. She’ll help us kick off today’s first discussion about our personal […]

One of the ongoing divides facing us now is the one that exists between generations. Generation X, Generation Y, the generation preparing to start receiving Social Security…We hear a lot about the challenges the different groups face especially when it comes to bringing them together. We all live in the same country but it’s amazing […]

Elise Shore, attorney with MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund), joins Carl to discuss a major victory for advocates of voting rights and voters across the country. Hear more of the enthused First Tee of Augusta members who spoke with Carl recently. Business Matters takes the listening community to the Hispanic business community’s top business. […]

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