Luke Visconti is a man who has his finger on the pulse of diversity! Carl has discussed a variety of subjects ranging from disengagement of young adults in the workforce to top companies for diversity based on articles on Luke Visconti’s publication, Diversity, Inc. Be sure to hear the man himself as Luke discusses diversity […]

The United Way of the CSRA is a remarkable agency that contributes to the well-being of many other organizations and, as a result, individuals and families. Nancy Szocinski will give more information on how we can call on the United Way in our times of need. Listen for a special number that she’ll talk about. […]

 Why do our children act the way they do?There can be a  connection that may not be so obvious even though we see signs of it on a regular basis. Stay with Carl as he reveals the discovery that can lead to greater freedom for your children and you. Gain more insights on recognizing relapse triggers […]

Time for more fast-paced news coverage! Just what is the Housing Authority of the City of Augusta? How did the organization get started? What is its mission? Mr. Jacob Oglesby, Executive Director of the agency, will shed light on these questions and more. Find out how the Housing Authority is participating in the revitalization of […]

Jack Padgett is a man who has dedicated his life to serving. He’s leading the way with the Optimist Club, an organization committed to helping young people succeed in life. He’ll join Carl to discuss the Optimist Club. Carl will talk in-depth about the  special bond that’s intended between husband and wife as he continues […]

America is the nation of choice for tens of millions. With so  much opportunity for personal and professional growth, business and ministry opportunities and more, this is no surprise. One of the ironies, though, continues to be the hatred for one of the very things that is so appealing to many: our diversity. Congress has passed […]

Follow along again as Carl shares information on why relapse occurs even when an addict sincerely wants to quit and how relapse can be prevented. It’s time for more fast-paced news from here to around the world!

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