Teen dating is an issue that many parents try to follow fairly closely when it involves their child/children. What can the teens do to make themselves safer? Candace Hopkins is been helping with this matter for years and will help answer this and more.

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center is a mainstay of downtown fixtures in the Garden City. Kim will give us the historical and current significance of one of Augusta Georgia’s landmarks. Have you been waiting to hear a father and his sons share their story of  their trials and triumphs? You’ve got to hear Ian Dalbert, […]

In the CSRA, Brenda Durant is synonymous with the arts . She’ll bring us up to speed regarding Arts in the Heart and their upcoming annual festival. Moses McCauly and Peter Rabbit rejoin Carl to highlight their first night (Friday, August 28) announcing Lucy Craft Laney High School football team’s game for Perry Broadcasting of […]

Clay Artists of the Southeast. On a radio talk show? You’d be surprised. Let them sculpt the picture as we preview the Westobou Festival. Myths can be powerful when combined with emotion no matter how unfactual they are. Let’s examine “myths” of the opposition to reform.

 A recent study shows a connection between obesity and brain degeneration. Carl will talk about this as he covers Health Matters. Devon Harris works tirelessly in Georgia and, now, South Carolina, to motivate and teach teens to change their lives and to train more adults how to help with the mission. Listen in. Join in.

It’s time to cover several news articles at a fast pace! Prepare to ride the train or fly by plane as Carl takes the Speaking With…™ community to a number of places to find out what’s happening! Is there any connection between pesticides and developmental problems in children as well as weight problems in adults? […]

It’s great to be able to honor a legend and State Representative Wayne Howard and Anthony Pollard are going to help us do just that: celebrate legendary Hall of Fame Coach David Dupree. Find out how you can join in on this upcoming tribute! Carl takes you to another phase of his Spotlight on Sports! Mayor […]

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