Elaine Mitchell-Jones brings music to our ears the first half hour. Time to catch the news beginning at 1:30! Buckle up!

Personal Finance is an important topic suited for a Professor of Finance. Dr. Brigitte Ziobrowski will talk about the recession’s impact on the basics of personal finance. Has the recession impacted parents only or children too? Listen in. Green products, including food, are great for the health of our environments and bodies but they often […]

The need for assistance, food, clothes, shelter…is tremendous. Al Jones will talk about the effort his church is putting forth to help provide these life essentials, especially as we approach the holiday season. How is racism different from prejudice? Why do so many in our country persist in racist attitudes and behaviors? Listen in for […]

Did you miss the Cash  for Clunkers opportunity? Are you still planning to buy a new car in the next few years? Something fuel efficient? Which kind do you think you’ll choose? Hybrid electric? Fuel cell? Carl will continue to share information that may help you with your decision. Since Carl first began to talk about […]

When children are physically abused, are physical signs always obvious? Are their souls (emotions, mind…) left unharmed? Carl will talk about this and more as he helps us develop a greater appreciation for the value of our children: body and soul. What kinds of images are imprinted on the minds and in the hearts of […]

I acknowledge that most people around the world favor the country they live in so I won’t say which nation is the “best” since beauty does lie in the eye and heart of the beholder. I think there are many beautiful nations in this world and, like many people, I’m glad I live in the one […]

What’s happeningcom in American race relations, African political and economic progress and European matters? Find out about these and more on Carl’s special Newsorite™ segment! What empowers a man who never knew his father and was given to family by his mother as a young child to attain to excellence? Join the Speaking With…™ community as […]

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