We’ll travel different parts of the world as Carl discusses news items of our day.

Claire Richie is an expert with the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, a non-partisan organization that carefully analyzes budget and policy issues facing the state. She’ll break down some policy issues that will affect our children among other issues  and let us know what will help and what will hurt. What do Aaron Neville, The Lone […]

Start the month of December off on a positive note by picking up on some tips as to how we can push into our season of promise while helping others do the same. Kathy Grannis, expert with the National Retail Federation, gave some insightful information regarding the world of retail, particularly as it pertains to […]

If climate change is really occurring, does it really matter? Let Carl share some information about the effect of climate change on our health, then you decide. Wallace White, expert from the CSRA Agency on Aging, will give some valuable information regarding housing for our seniors.

President Obama emphasized the need for healthcare reform when he campaigned for the presidency. Fortunately, he’s following up on his promise to push for the much-needed legislation. Hear, again, what our president wants to deliver to the nation. Alvin and Barbara Franklin, The Love Couple, bring their liveliness and straight talk about family relationships to […]

The District 1 seat in Augusta-Richmond County is still up for grabs. Matt Aitken is scheduled for his run-off interview with Carl. Lester Paige, aka Peter Rabbitt, and Moses McCauly wrapped up a great inaugural season of announcing Lucy Craft Laney’s football games. They’ll join Carl to talk about the humor and expertise that they’ll […]

Health Care Reform and protection of our environment are tremendous needs. They have to do with how we live and breathe. Stay up with some of this discussion as Carl highlights more relevant facts. Kathy Grannis is a retail expert who will really give the 411 on what to expect this year. During this month’s […]

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