Dr. Kelly McKnight pastors Bible Deliverance Church in the inner city of Augusta, Georgia. He’s also helping to spearhead the drive to bring together organizations that are dedicated to strengthening the community. He’ll join Carl to detail his involvement that is bringing together people of various races and missions who have a common desire to […]

How do you deal with tragedy when it hits your family? In the midst of his own tragedy, motivational speaker, Andy Henriquez, shares some valuable insights and his personal story of how he’s doing that right now after having lost some family members in Haiti’s earthquake. Join us for encouragement and inspiration. Lucinda Clark has been […]

Roger Gardner is leading an awesome ministry to the homeless, some of our fellow citizens who live under the bridges of our community. The Bridge Ministry has been serving our homeless for three years and we’ll find out about the hundreds who show up for worship service on Saturday’s and the tremendous testimonies about their […]

Dr. Mallory Millender is a retired Professor of History at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. While pursuing his doctorate in French, he completed his dissertation on Haiti. At a very significant moment in time, Dr. Millender will be speaking with Carl about the rich and somewhat troubling history of this country that has recently been ravaged […]

Real talk about how men and women relate to one another is what this gathering is all about. Alvin and Barbara Franklin, The Love Couple, join Carl to delve into jealousy, inconsistency and other “things” that get in the way of good relationships and how to overcome them so partners can truly value and enjoy each other. […]