Get caught up some news: maybe some old, probably some new. Definitely from around the world. It’s becoming more obvious to regular listeners that Carl truly embraces diversity. He’ll go “inside” the Hispanic community as he looks at concerns and accomplishments facing this vibrant community.

Across the Nation covers a few items from various parts of the country. Each segment will often focus on different cities. Find about some of the political races on the west coast and positive growth in a city on the east coast where you might not expect to hear about positive happenings . What’s the latest regarding some proposed […]

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do when reaching for a promise is working and waiting patiently for the fulfillment of the promise. The wait can bring out a variety of responses: some good, some bad. Carl will reveal some of these responses and emphasize the importance of maintaining an attitude that is pleasing […]

As we acknowledge the challenges of the Black race in America and celebrate the community’s many accomplishments, Carl invites everyone to take a glimpse into this world through the biography of  a young author who began work on this special project at a very early age. How early? Join Carl and find out. Years ago, Billy Morris, […]

Sarah Beth Gehl is Deputy Director of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, a non-partisan organization that analyzes proposed and current budgets and policies and determines their impact on the residents and business. Join us as Sarah Beth helps us grasp details of the Peach State’s economy and how policies are hurting or helping the […]