What connects Greece, New York, and fungus in the Pacific Northwest? Newsorite™! Carl’s fast-paced coverage of news from around the world. Building community is a concept and passion shared by many people. Tonya Jeffords ia an attorney who has been working with young people in her organization, Dream Builders of America’s Youth, Inc. for several years. She’ll […]

There are many reasons for the economic crisis confronting our nation and the financial crisis facing so many of our citizens. It’s clear that major financial reform is needed. This is one area where most Americans are in agreement. Will the bill that emerges be one that will provide the changes and protections needed to […]

Walter Dukes has served with distinction as an executive with Georgia Power and as a community builder. He’ll join Carl to discuss his career and service to the community. Though continuing the series Understanding the Journey, Carl will temporarily move away from the focus on the life and saga of the great leader,  Joseph, in […]

Corey Washington is a teacher, Grady Abrams is retired and formerly a city councilman in the Garden City (Augusta, Ga.). Both have a passion for helping to bring people together regardless of race, color…Carl joined them at the home of Grady Abrams to discuss the race riots of Augusta and what we’ve learned from it. Listen […]

When it comes to the responses of the people to circumstances affecting our every day lives, how are we doing? Are we being honest and thorough in our assessments of proposals made and laws passed by our political leaders? Carl will encourage an honest look into this matter as he discusses the decision by the […]

Men and women of various age groups will benefit from this second part of Carl’s discussion of the image that a man has of himself. Time to go on a fast tour of the world as Carl briefly explores news issues! Buckle up!

It’s important that we understand the ways in which people manipulate us (emotionally and mentally) in order to further their political agendas. Carl will reveal some of the tactics used to try to thwart good initiatives or push negative ones. Damean Sneed is a renowned and truly accomplished pianist who works with the stars. He’ll […]

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