If you had the chance to hear my most recent discussion of the image of the man you know that I indicated that we often react to current situations based on images impressed on us (inside our minds…) earlier in life. For example, the man who abuses his wife may have grown up in a household […]

What is the real purpose of Memorial Day? You can find out today! Is there any connection between the military and Memorial Day? Let’s take a look at that and the importance of our military today.

It’s frustrating to hear about young people taking the lives of others and yet many can’t help but also ask “What’s the right solution to juvenile crime?” Many want to know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to turning around juveniles who may be or already are involved in a criminal lifestyle. Is a strictly […]

Dr. Jeffrey Humphreys, highly acclaimed economist at the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, continues to be a go-to person when individuals and organizations need a better grasp of economic issues on the state and national levels. Dr. Humphreys specializes in multicultural economics issues and will tell us what lies ahead when it […]

Kathy Grannis excited us when she joined Carl last winter to discuss the outlook for holiday sales. She is the Director of Media Relations for the National Retail Federation where she serves as an association spokesperson. Kathy Grannis has been quoted as an industry expert by the Associated Press, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal. She […]

What role do compassion and justice play in helping to build unity within our nation? Is there room for both? If so, how do we balance them? Can we capitalize on compassion and justice in such a way as to bring about the unity expressed in our Pledge of Allegiance? Let’s explore this together. WRDW News […]

We all respond to many things around us. We respond to advertisements whether they’re on billboards, TV, radio… We respond to our friends. That’s why peer pressure can be so great. Some of our responses are motivated by positive triggers that produce positive responses while other triggers are pretty negative and lead to responses that […]

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