Let’s visit several cities and get some news that’s not in the national spotlight. There are quite a few people of Asian/Indian descent rising in the world of politics. Carl will share some more prominent names and some not as prominent.

Which companies top the list in hiring Asian-Americans? How do they rank so highly? Carl will tell you. Will private insurance be squeezed out by Medicaid expansion? Carl will share the views of non-partisan experts.

What are the benefits and liabilities of giving “adult time for adult crimes” to juveniles? Charles Ransom joins Carl for this week’s Spiritual Perspectives. They’ll discuss “Loving God, Communicating with God.”

Let’s learn more about child sexual abuse. How is the great recession impacting state budgets during the early stages of the recovery?

Love. rgiveness. Anger. Understanding. Alvin and Barbara join Carl to talk about the role of these and more in our relationships. When’s the last time you gave blood? Mistie Harris is with the Shepard Blood Center and will remind us of the importance of this simple service.

Time for more news from across the country. Especially the news that’s not in the national spotlight! Carl backtracks a few days to talk about a very significant celebration that has meaning for all of America. Juneteenth!

Carl will host a special guest from the Veteran’s Administration who will share great information regarding valuable services being provided to our nation’s women in the military. What is the purpose of bariatric surgery? Is it for everyone? What needs to be done by those who undergo the procedure to make it truly successful? Paul Sorace […]

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