Did you miss Carl’s live conversation with Kelly Fanning and Eddie Ellis, two of the men who helped put together some scenes from the movie DrumLine? Here’s another chance. Check it out and Identify the Tuba Player (not listed above). Are you clear on what your purpose in life is? Are you comfortable about your […]

Let’s continue to find out more about how our brains works off and on drugs. So many benefits to drinking tea. Any need for concerns? Let’s delve into this and America’s ongoing struggle with weight.

Ready to find out Who’s Who in the black business community? Carl invites everyone to continue to celebrate diversity as he talks about some of the nation’s top businesses owned by members of the black community. For this week’s Spiritual Perspectives, Carl will continue to focus on how the foundation is laid, rightly or wrongly, for […]

Carl will talk about some of the top small businesses and top Hispanic businesses in the country as we look at the beauty of diversity. What are some of the important things parents and their college/college-bound students should consider regarding college entry and job searches? Tom Halasz, Director of Career Counseling at the University of […]

More on the problem with America’s weight issues and more. Alvin and Barbara always keep the talk real. Carl will speak with them again about the ups and downs of relationships.

November will be here before we know it so we need to get busy doing our homework. We don’t have the luxury of allowing anyone to spend time playing with (manipulating) our emotions. We need to engage our minds in gathering the facts and engage our hearts in following our conscience. Many are playing up […]

Let’s travel the country, the world and look at the news!

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