The black community received the right to vote. Women were given the right to vote. The American-Japanese remuneration program. The nation’s first black president. All major and desirable accomplishments. What does it all say about our nation’s sense of unity? Have we made the progress worthy of a country whose greatness is lauded within and without? The progress […]

Decades after amendments giving the African-American community and women the right to vote and Japanese internment camps and almost 2 years after electing the nation’s first black president, how are we doing when it comes to pulling together on the local, state and national levels? Hear the voices of men and women as well as members of the white […]

Michael Lythgoe connects The Music of What’s Happening to the Westobou Festival. Carl will give some funny and potentially frightening news regarding nuclear hazards and food. Laverne Gold joins Carl to talk about the recent campaign kick-off of the United Way of the CSRA. Get ready to jet around the world for world news!

Carl continues to guide parents and future parents through a tough, yet inspiring look at how we can better cherish our children. Ready for space travel? Carl will let you know some of the companies planning to take you there and some people planning to go. Let’s travel across the country for more “local” news.

Will Social Security spending lead to increased deficits? Not according to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute. Do American voters still require that our elected officials (especially on the national level) read off their list of special projects, a.k.a. pork, brought home for their constituents? The answer might surprise you. Call all potential space travelers again!

Clara Park continues the Westobou Festival conversation as she talks about the Chamber Music Series. Our still-faltering economy took a huge hit in 2007. Was a giant step needed in turning things around? Alvin and Barbara, The Love Couple™, continue with Real talk about real Relationships™ as they join Carl again to talk about authority and submission […]

One of the major questions to ask when a disaster occurs is “What should we do?” If a natural disaster such as a hurricane strikes and destroys homes, businesses, places of worship, automobiles and more all along the coast, would it be better to take action significant enough to address the outcome or would it […]

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