In the two segments for this day, Carl will share some insights/foresights regarding how the job market will look after the recession and up into the year 2018.

Earl Sewell is writing fiction with a purpose: to teach helpful life lessons. His books are great for young urbanites and anyone else who enjoys good writing, good fiction and good morals (to the story). Myself and I is his latest book and this accomplished author will speak with Carl about his mission. They’ll be […]

Carl continues to share some steps to take in growing to the point where we enjoy having the Lord as our authority. Hear about ministry that builds men while in prison.

The world definitely needs to become much more sustainable. Carl will talk about a recent discovery regarding auto fuels. Also listen in as Carl discusses more health matters, especially a segment that will address health and religion. Throughout the day, let’s travel across the country for more local news.

Hispanic Heritage Month is here and Carl will celebrate diversity by celebrating Hispanics. Join in for some fun time! Alvin and Barbara, The Love Couple™, will speak with Carl about tips on building relationships, especially within marriage.

President Obama’s efforts to help small business is closer to becoming reality. How will it impact small business if passed by the House? Anna Huntley is Public Information Officer of the South Carolina S.B.A. office. She’ll talk with Carl about the role of the S.B.A. in supporting small business. Tips on doing business around the […]

Carl continues to walk through the recession and the responses to it from the perspective of nonpartisan experts who have evaluated the situation. The recession that began several years ago has thrown many Americans into poverty. Carl takes a look at the growing problem.

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