Time for news from around the world! Donna Brock of Clark Atlanta University will talk about breast cancer/breast health awareness and the school’s Call to True Beauty campaign. We need to be safe, even on college campuses. Jasper Cooke, Director of Public Safety at Augusta State University,  will share some important safety tips.

Want to find out which are some of the best restaurants in the area and more? Listen in. Mr. Willie Burns, Mayor of Washington, Georgia, and Ms. Janice Mathis, attorney, join Carl to discuss creating opportunity.

Pastor Vanessa Ussery has been providing church leadership for years and has some great insights on Christian living. Hear her awesome take on the Be Attitudes! Ready to quit smoking?

Get in on the news, national and local from different parts of the country!

Get pointers on alcoholism and recovery. The Love Couple™ and Carl discuss relationships.

News from around the world! What has been the real result of our president’s response to the Great Recession?

Natasha Carter is Director of Public Relations at Paine College. She’ll discuss the school’s growth and community outreach. Now through 2018 there are some  specific careers to consider! Are xrays the only way to see what’s happening inside the body?

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