Find out what men from a diverse background think about a variety of issues as Carl let’s you in on a panel discussion that took place during the 4th annual Sister CEO’s week. Does entrepreneurship increase the chances of staying married?

Carl continues his look at the importance of cultural diversity within some top hospital systems. Ending the year on an up note: following your dream!

Dr. Don Berry helps us appreciate the harmony of medicine and religion for this segment of Spiritual Perspectives. Much remains to be done in bringing about true equality and equity in America. Edmond Dalbert is one of America’s Freedom Riders who helped to bring the nation as far as we’ve come. Hear this first part […]

A look at Ms. Suu Kyi, champion for democracy. Dr. David Nieman may surprise you with some of the facts regarding the relation between exercise and the common cold. In this world that seems to be getting meaner by the year, is there a place for compassion?

Does income have any impact on the decision to marry? Find out what the research shows. We had a chance to hear Florence Brown share rich insights from her book, Breezy Meadows: A Butterfly’s Story. Now let’s get caught up on her latest work, Looking Up: Rhythms, Stanzas, and Quotes to Healing. Alvin and Barbara […]

W. Stanton Smith does an outstanding job of sharing his years of research findings that reveal the disconnect between the younger and older generations and how to connect . Dr. Wingo has done much research on bi-polar disorder and sheds light on what it really is and a simple, yet powerful way to combat it. […]

The man affectionately known as Doc Bradley has been nurturing young musicians for years. He permitted Carl to spend time with some of the high school musicians who explained how they’re able to connect with this legendary teacher. Hear their discussion and Doc Bradley’s and some of the adults who work with him. What are […]

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