Get the scoop regarding some of the issues affecting teens. Okema Graham and Eric Spencer are at least two of the teens who will join Carl in the studio to offer their insights regarding current events and how they see their lives being affected by them and more.

Part of the process of achieving success is valuing our dreams. Carl continues to share insights that help with this. Get ready to fly as we gather some news from around the world.

After pointing out some of the great works Christ Jesus worked centuries ago, Carl continues to direct attention to those earlier signs of Jesus’ power and authority as they give clues as to the divine authority He’ll exercise when He returns.

Get the local news – from different parts of the country. How’s the health of our children? Older citizens?

Get the lowdown on foods that aren’t friendly to your heart and more. The Love Couple™, Alvin and Barbara, join Carl for their first conversation about relationships in the new year.

Highly regarded in the business world in general and in the broadcast industry in particular, Russell M. Perry, President and CEO of Perry Publishing and Broadcasting, joins Carl to discuss the year in review with particular attention to Perry Broadcasting of Augusta.

Carl speaks from Les Brown’s book Live Your Dreams and shares nuggets of his own as he takes the listening community through steps that help us fulfill our dreams. Carl hosted some great artists this year. He’ll share highlights of four of those conversations during the second hour. Listen in for some great music from […]

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