Let’s gather together again to motivate each other to pursue our dreams (individually and as a team). Carl reveals more about inventions and business.

Edmond Dalbert returns to reveal more of his fascinating journey as a Freedom Rider. News coming to you from different parts of the world.

Carl is taking the Speaking With Community on a forward-looking journey regarding the return of the Lord Jesus. The discussion is candid and relevant. Still facing some challenges figuring out how to balance your life? Get some tips.

Dr. Frank Roberson is the new superintendent of the Richmond County School System. He’ll discuss his vision for the system with Carl. Local News. From across the country.

People are loving the candid discussions about relationships voiced by Carl and The Love Couple™,  Alvin and Barbara Franklin. Tune in and hear why.

Cowboy Mike ( Searles) is a professor of history at Augusta State University. He has been openingeyes for years while discussing the presence of black cowboys in America. Carl spent time in his class and heard the discussion he had with his students after watching the movie classic “Buck and the Preacher.” Your turn to  gain […]

Sean Frantom is helping to build the community by bringing together young businessmen and women. The recent shootings in Tucson, Arizona shook the nation. Dr. Joel Dvoskin will help us gain a better understanding of that tragic incident and workplace violence prevention and aftermath. Let’s hold onto our dreams!

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