You’ll get to hear from Ms. Natasha Carter, Director of Public Relations at Paine College, on Monday, March 28 and from The Love Couple™, Alvin and Barbara Franklin on Friday, April 1 (for real). Check in for more conversations throughout the week.

Dr. Susan Cutter, A Carolina Distinguished Professor of Geography at the University of South Carolina where she directs the Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, joins Carl to discuss vulnerability to extreme events. Carl will continue to help us think through situations that impact our lives throughout the week. Be sure to listen in.

Time to Look Ahead again as we gain greater Spiritual Perspectives.

How are we doing when it comes to exercising integrity in approaching political situations, relationships and more?

Barbara and Alvin Franklin help the listening community grasp the realities of what helps and hurts relationships as they discuss these with Carl.

Sister Ellen continues her interesting accounts of her travels in Afghanistan and Iran. Z., as he’s affectionately called, has been taking the area by storm as innovative and skillful music director of Symphony Orchestra Augusta. He joins Carl, again, to talk music appreciation.

Looking Ahead, there are promises and warnings regarding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Carl helps people prepare. Time for more news from around the world!

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