Getting motivated to celebrate healthy eating! Get the details then stay with Carl as he explores the nation’s relationship with obesity. “Doc” John Bradley is a noted musician and jazz aficionado who helps Carl begin this week’s celebration of jazz with an insightful look at the connection between jazz and other music genres.

Is obesity friend, foe or neither? Pt 2 Joel Cruz is noted for hi, s great saxophone playing and the black gloves he wears while playing. He’s also known for his mentorship. He’ll speak with Carl as they move into day 2 of this week’s celebration of jazz.

Let’s continue to determine how we can prepare for the return of Christ as we Look Ahead. Michael Frost is a bassist who will join Carl to conclude this week’s celebration of jazz.

Carl continues an important discussion of balancing work with the rest of our lives. Wallace White oversees volunteer services at the CSRA Area Agency on Aging and will discuss services and events with Carl.

How do you choose to shape your world? Alvin, Barbara and Carl. Helping you build your relationships.

Carl will share news from around the world. Additionally, he’ll discuss an important issue that gets little attention: the stress men experience in balancing family and work.

Ann Beth Strelec is the Coach of the Year who coached several students from several schools in Augusta-Richmond County to victories in an interesting contest. She’s joined by several of the student-winners from Glenn Hills High School. Dr. Tim Powell is another adult who’s connecting with our kids. He and several students from the award-winning Davidson […]

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