What is depression? A desire to just hang out and not go to school or work? A simple craving for more of the foods you know you don’t need? These may be part of the picture but people who have experienced or treated depression will tell you it’s much more than a simple desire or […]

School is out and summer is in! Carl helps with the enjoyment of this special time of the year by hosting Lisa M. Brown who has overcome depression, Paul Pestano who gives insights regarding safe and effective sunscreens and giving some great information especially for teens. Check out “This Week’s Shows.”

Oprah Winfrey has a powerful impact on small business! Ever wonder what’s going on in our babies’ brains?

Lisa M. Brown knows what it is to experience the depths of depression and give space to God in helping her come out. She shares her powerful story with Carl as they discuss her book Strong on the Outside, Dying on the Inside. It’s summertime! Enjoy it more by getting some great tips on safe and effective […]

Let’s find out what’s happening in various communities around the country. Teens, are you boosting your energy level in ways that helpyou or hurt you? Dr. Maryrose Gerardi shed light on how Emory University is using virtual reality to treat Veterans with PTSD. She joins Carl now to discuss a joint project of the Atlanta Braves […]

Dr. R.A. Powell shared some powerfully inspiring insights with Carl during the week of the Masters golf tournament. Carl will inspire with more golden nuggets from Dr. Powell’s book, Pattern of Purpose: Discovering Who You Are. Teens, is your view of your body one that empowers you to live healthy? Get some practical insights during […]

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