What would you do if you suspected you had a broken arm? Or a fractured hip? How about a temperature reading above 100 for 3 days? Most people would try to schedule a visit with a doctor. What would you do if you began to notice that you were beginning to have a difficult time […]

Dr. Christine Courtois is an internationally recognized expert in treating trauma victims and will join Carl to discuss such topics as incest including possible signs and treatment. Tony Mack joins Carl to discuss ways the internet can help your venture.

Did you spend or have you spent a lot of time trying to decide whether he/she is the right one for you? Dr. Elsbeth Martindale, Psychologist, invites you to see if Love May Be in the Cards. Don’t get mad as Carl shares more tips on overcoming anger issues.

Elizabeth Wilson specializes in community development and shares some great insights gleaned from some great people as she and Carl discuss her book Growing Up COGIC. This discussion launches a series that will focus on Christianity in America. George Graham is on his way to college but has agreed to revisit Carl to share his […]

Carl helps the Speaking With…™ listening community look further at The People’s Budget. Carl has been inspired, as has been listeners, by the authors he’s hosted and shares nuggets from their books.

Is social networking good, bad or both? Carl shares more words of inspiration from the books of guest authors.

Carl will share some strategies in managing ANGER!!!!! Tony Mack will share more tips on making a web site work for you.

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