In a nation in Africa, there’s a desire to prevent or, at least, delay pregnancies among teenage girls. Carl shares an approach to birth control that is proving to be controversial for more reasons than one. Can you develop a beautiful lawn without using harmful chemicals and breaking the bank? Carl will let you know. […]

Moses McCauly and Lester Paige have been calling the games for Lucy C. Laney High School and have gathered a following. They join Carl to review  previous seasons and update the community on what’s to come. Carl shares some predictions regarding abrupt climate change. Still think it’s a farce? There are many ways to affect […]

The recession has taken a toll on individuals, families and ethnic groups. Ecotourism’s appeal can be experienced in many parts of the world, including Kenya. The scriptures have been revealing a lot about the right and wrong ways to build family legacies. Carl discusses this with a further look into the families of Eli the […]

Carl will share another angle on stress. What was behind the attacks on the lives of the people killed in Norway?

Carl concluded his special focus on Africa/Kenya with a look at the significance of reducing poverty in Kenya. Carl shares more inspiring thoughts from authors he’s hosted.

Do we need to worry about abrupt climate change? How are Hispanics treated when it comes to the environment?

Get some tips on choosing water filters. Does there have to be a decision on reducing debt in order to raise the debt ceiling?

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