Ted Winn truly is on a mission via his music ministry. Andy has family in Haiti. Hear his compelling story about his life and his family’s.

Time to enjoy a unique, engaging voice. Hear Evelyn Lowe’s take on what motivates us.

Norman Hutchins truly helps us strengthen our love for Christ. Mother and son team up to shed light on how families can find freedom from abuse and succeed in life.

Listen to some great songs by the Queen of Bluegrass. Gloria brings powerful energy and excitement to revive and restore.

The great conductor talks music from several genres. Dr. Powell has a compelling story of turn-around.

Is the rate of sexual maturity of males the same as it’s always been? Find out. You’ll probably be surprised to learn about this “common” household item that can help monitor your health – including your heart health. Then find out where budget cuts are hurting the states. That is, the citizens of the states.

Still heading to the beaches? How’s the water quality? This to be followed by a look at the colors of environmental injustice. Professor Neil Buchanan is a Professor of law at George Washington University. With a PhD in economics also, he is uniquely qualified to offer insights on America’s struggle to get a handle on […]

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