You might be surprised at how many “things” compete for your attention and how you can improve your ability to concentrate. And in Russia, the winner is…!

Carl continues his look into Russia and focuses on a report regarding the mood of the middle class. Most scientists who study the matter conclude that humans have changed our world. Now,  according to some, we need to change how we act, react and interact in it . Branford Marsalis is a renowned saxophonist who […]

Carl resumes his important discussion of the all-important societal unit, the family, as he discusses the importance of consciously building positive family legacies on this segment of Spiritual Perspectives. She played a riveting role in the movie, The Color Purple, and has continued to have an impact on the lives of many in various ways. […]

Will the aircraft of tomorrow be the same as that which we fly in today? Some big changes are underway. Will Blockbuster survive the wave of changes in the movie industry? Can they learn some lessons from Netflix? Frances A. Outlaw’s book, From Despair to Deliverance, Unveiling the Mask, is so powerful in its message […]

Lavond Reynolds heads his ministry, Head of the Giant, after having lead the charge at the Garden City Rescue Mission. He’s reaching out to the homeless and more throughout the Central Savannah River Area. Hear the details about this promising mission. Can internships help beyond the valuable experience gained? Yes it can! How’s your credit […]

America’s economy continues to suffer as do the unemployed. Should tax increases be a part of the solution? Should they be on the table when the Super Committee meets? Which fields can expect to have job decreases? Carl will share findings of a recent report.

Carl shares more insights on the impact of state budget cuts. Are you in a field of work that many don’t like? Find out some popular jobs to dislike.

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