An important aspect of finance and economics is the relevance of spiritual principles that govern both. Rachel Anderson, of the Center for Responsible Lending, sheds light on this important subject. Another topic for the day: how small business owners can help protect their precious businesses.

All that glitters…Carl continues to lead the community through a look at how the wrong use of our devices can entangle us in some uncomfortable webs. Frances A. Outlaw, a woman of great courage, continues to bring clarity on how we can step out of despair into freedom. For Joel Cruz, jazz saxophonist and vocalist, […]

In the family of God, we have great examples of participation in positive legacies. Carl will discuss two of the men who are still shaping the legacy in this edition of Spiritual Perspectives. Let’s continue to examine ways digital technology is being used to harm so we can make self and family safer.

Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino, renowned internationally for her expertise in helping people sharpen their focus, joins Carl to discuss principles addressed in her latest book, Your Focus Zone. Europe is a continent with a powerful history and an intriguing present and future. Dr. Chris Grant, professor of political science at Mercer University, will lend his […]

Among the topics Carl will cover today are ways you can make your computer more secure and the rising inclusion of women monarchs.

Personality, confidence, optimism. Millenials. Carl will continue his introduction to this amazing group. Small business has a tremendous impact in more ways than one. Frances A. Outlaw courageously reveals what she has unveiled en route to freedom.

Kathleen Day, of the Center for Responsible Lending, joins Carl to discuss the significance of financial reform and consumer finance protection and the impact they can have on America’s citizens. Fortunately, we still have adults fighting for the health of our kids. Ladies, there may be a way to deal with Alzheimer’s before it tries […]

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