Though powered by strong drives, sex drive also gets in neutral. What causes that to happen? Even with a prevalence of job disssatisfaction, there are companies that are getting it right and they and their employees are benefitting. What determines our career choices? Do hormones have anything to do with it?

Carl continues to help the Speaking With Community prepare for November 2012 by sharing insights regarding current political perspectives of several generations. He’ll then resume discussion of the electronic voting system and whether we can be comfortable about possible sabotage, safety in flight and more.

In today’s segment of Spiritual Perspectives, Carl discusses what the family of God has to look forward to as a result of the  legacy Christ left. Then find out what’s being done to make flight safer and whether 401k’s are relevant for older people who are close to retirement.

Shawn Callaway has had to adjust to life without sight after being shot by a friend while in college. Today Carl re-broadcasts their first conversation which will be followed up by their second discussion with even more insights which broadcasts tomorrow. Budgets aren’t just for Congress. Hear how you can develop a personal budget that […]

Lois Dismuke shares a powerful story about her traumatic childhood and its impact on her life as an adult who’s now reaching out to help young people. Shawn Callaway continues to share great insights regarding life without sight.

Today starts the week off strong! Jacqueline Whitmore is an internationally recognized expert in business etiquette. She graces the airwaves with her presence as she discusses the 4 P’s that help us succeed. From her latest book, Poised for Success, Mastering the Four Qualities that Distinguish Outstanding Professionals, Jacqueline Whitmore reveals ways in which men […]

Elaine “LaLa” Lalanne, wife of the godfather of fitness, Jack Lalanne, joins Carl to discuss their life and career and how we can enjoy eating (with a clear conscience) during the holiday season. Many people commit their lives to Christ Jesus but have no clear understanding of how to proceed from there. In her book, […]

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