On the day after New Year’s Day hear inspirational music via a simulcast with our sister station, WTHB 96.9FM.

Are you ready for some football? Dr. Mark Nagel, Associate Professor of the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management at the University of South Carolina joins Carl to discuss the Bowl games. Kathleen Ernce joins Carl to discuss more of the challenges and joys of the senior years.

Last week saw some difficulties that prevented the proper re-broadcasting of this programming but because one was new and both were inspirational I’m bringing this day’s programming back.

Last week saw some  difficulties that prevented the  re-broadcasting of these two inspirational conversations so I’m bringing them to you this week. Let Dr. Hays tell you how to optimize your performance in any area of life. Then let Dr. Martindale empower you in building your relationship with your special person!

This is going to be a great day for music. Mike Frost joined Carl several months ago and discussed several songs from two CD’s. This time Mike is joined by the rest of the band: Dave Brown on keyboards, Brendan Bull on percussion and Lauren Meccia on saxophones and vocals. And it’s all live so […]

There is more to actresses than beautiful faces and great acting. Listen to the conversations Carl had with actress Naima Lett who also helps other Christian actors/actresses know how they can practice their craft and still live their values while Desreta Jackson discusses her acting career and her inventive skills that have lead to a […]

Maria Schneider is an award-winning composer and musician who brings music that can take your breath away. Carl re-broadcasts his conversation with her as well as his conversation with Joanne Brackeen, a highly regarded composer and pianist.

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