Integrity is a very desirable and admired quality. At least when we’re on the receiving end of the behavior or speech that determines any given outcome. When we’re communicating with someone we usually hope that they will be honest with us – even if we have every intention of being dishonest with them. Sometimes the […]

There are assaults on the ability to attend college and succeed and the challenge is especially difficult for communities of color.  Deltrye Holt will discuss a summer program at Auguta State University that’s designed to help improve the chances of success in college geared towards African-American males. Is sleep really important or is it something […]

The True Board of Directors continues to help increase awareness and appreciation of the value of men and manhood as they share rich nuggets of truth from their book The Makings of A Man. Kathleen Ernce and La Verne Gold discuss the relationship between the Senior Citizen’s Council and United Way of the CSRA (UW) […]

Find out what a Gallup survey reveals about the nation’s health based on perspectives of we the people. Then continue to journey with Carl through the time of beauty of wholeness in the earth and its loss when deception became part of the picture.

Dr. Wayland Hsiao is an Emory University Clinic physician who has specialized interest in impotence, infertility, penile implantation and prostate cancer among others. He joins Carl to discuss the impact of exercise on sexual function in men under 40. Sleep is important for everyone. Carl will tell you why this is the case for our […]

Laws, as part of the legal system, are important. Carl will point out some of the problems that occur when systems and laws collide in Indian nations and  broader America. Then get inspired by nuggets from books of authors hosted by Carl. Claude “Deuce” Harris, Jr. seems to have a music career tat is quietly […]

Three children by age 17. Was she ready? Dr. Lavenia Allen faced that challenge and more as she”s learned about life on a continuing journey. Hear her story as she speaks from her book Changed And Not Ashamed. Carl will continue the day with a look at adult bullying and the outlook for people with […]

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