There’s discussion of diverting funds from public school systems to charter schools. Monique Braswell will discuss her concerns from a parent’s view. Then get some tips on how you can make your next cruise safer. Later hear how America’s political parties are rating our presidential candidates and explore whether it’s ok for athletes to use […]

Michael Holoman, Gerard Droze and Jabari Price discuss several ways to establish balance within relationships for more Real Talk About Real Relationships. Later get some great tips on how to communicate more effectively with our precious kids and find out how veterans and/or family members can obtain funds they may not know are available to […]

Find out where the journey will take us on this edition of Spiritual Perspectives. Later we’ll look at the findings of a survey that reveals what citizens of Arab Spring nations are saying about their feeling of safety.

Get some great tips on safe products you can use to clean what is most people’s greatest investment – the home, then get some tips on cruising the waters more safely. Finally, let’s explore whether our athletes should be consuming drugs in order to enhance their performance.

Time to get inspired by our guest authors again then travel in hot air balloons as we grab some news that’s not in the headlines!

Let’s start the week off by gaining valuable insights regarding the significant roles of black people in the bible, the world, as Dr. Walter McCray shares some of his findings discussed in his book The Black Presence in the Bible. Then let’s fly as we get some news from around the world!

Michael Holoman, Gerard Droze and Jabari Price are three young men who really have their fingers on the pulse of what makes for manhood and solid relationships. Let’s connect with them for Real Talk About Real Relationships™.  It’s a good idea to incorporate safety in our travel plans. And while we’re on the subject of […]

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