Carl starts the week out with the continuing look at the effects of value-added tax systems. Then find out how and why life as a member of a stepfamily really can be beautiful.

The three men we call The Board of Directors continue to empower us to make men. Kathy Ernce will tell us to avoid being scammed. Then Carl continues the look into the safety of the nation’s nuclear reactors after sharing more tips on how stepfamilies can be strengthened.

Let’s hear this final segment on the safety of America’s nuclear reactors and hear more about the role of religion in our prisons. Finally, get some insights in how college is being made more affordable. You may need to change some of your plans.

Carl continues to clarify what it means to be in Christ Jesus and help better appreciate the blessings that come with that on this edition of Spiritual Perspectives. Cassandra Morrow shares an empowering account of how she has been living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Let’s close out the month with a bang. Inspiration from the authors, an examination of whether we even need health care coverage and ways we can strengthen our families are all up.

Are America’s nuclear reactors as safe as those in the industry say or do we have reason to be concerned? Value- added tax programs can have different effects on various economic groups depending on how the programs are set up. Carl will discuss this so we have a better idea of how to decide a […]

Holoman, Droze and Price, the Board of Directors, continue to help Carl empower the community to develop more men. Breadth of expertise is what Dr. James Howell brings to us. Having served as Director of Research and Program Development in the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and currently serving as a Senior Research […]

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