Monday is the start of a rip-roaring week as Carl tells how we can make changes to our bedrooms that may help us sleep better. Then find out what’s making some companies great places to be when you’re not at home. Finally, find out how you give your brain the energy it needs to perform […]

The Board shares more insights on living productive lives especially as boys transition into manhood. Can we waste less on our lunches? Let’s find out. Then let’s reach out to our grown folks who may be wrestling with ADHD.

Ways to get from point A to point B with efficiency. Then let’s see how we can begin to help adults with ADHD since children and teens aren’t the only who deal with this challenge. Then Dr. Judith Wallerstein brings more of her keen insights as she tells us how we can create the marriages […]

We’re definitely going green this week. Find out about some great efficient sports cars for those with big bank accounts. Dr. Toni Yancey is an educator, author, doctor and poet who has also come up with an excellent way to get us moving through her innovative program, Instant Recess, a program that works for just […]

We’ve seen two different scenarios of how the rich should treat their wealth when pursuing a relationship with Christ. In this edition of Spiritual Perspectives, let’s see how we should form our views of what we get in return for giving. Valerie Wooten is interning with CRA Publishing and joins Carl to discuss careers in […]

You’re invited to get more tips on building beauty into your stepfamily. You may find that some of these tips work for the “traditional” family too. Then let’s see how the nation views the abilities of such leaders as President Obama, Mitt Romney, Ben Bernanke and others when it comes to management of our economy. […]

Gerard Droze, Michael Holoman and Jabari Price bring more valuable insights on vision and manhood and Kathleen Ernce shares more tips on enriching life during the senior years.

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