Enjoy some good music on this Memorial Day!

Rev. Anthony Evans, Carl’s guest,  is not the Anthony Evans with the Christian radio broadcast but he does lead a tremendous organization that’s striving to improve quality of life for African-Americans on several fronts with the National Black Church Initiative. Haiti provided much for the west in general and for the United States in particular. […]

Can a good exercise routine, or lack of one, have an impact on your career? Still getting used to calling Medical College of Georgia (MCG) Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU)? In addition to another coming name change, the organization is undergoing other changes, including the addition of their new Institute of Public and Preventive Health. […]

Carl is going to power us through with more discussion about Health Matters as he looks into foods/beverages that can help improve brain performance and foods/beverages that affect our belly size. We’ll also look at more people who are making it big (not in waist size though).

Let’s find out more about successful living from a biblical perspective on this edition of  spiritual perspectives. Then let’s see how we’ve prepared our brains for more Trivia (you knew it was coming!). And we’ll end the week with more inspiration from one of our authors. What a way to move into the weekend!

Keeping it fresh in our minds, Carl shares more tips from Dr. Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee on building good marriages. Dr. Sarah Vinson joins Carl to discuss mental illness and the need for care in the black community.

Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and Gerard Droze  bring more inspirational information about living successfully. Then hear some timely discussion about current trends in retirement, why you should deal with stress and how weight can impact fertility.

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