Is there a connection between military drones and polio vaccines? Yes. Larry Howell, of Georgia Health Sciences University, David Thompson will talk about HIV, what it is, its impact and how people are living with it. America has had numerous Democratic and Republican presidents over the decades. Has the nation fared better under one or […]

The Board joins Carl to discuss the ways fear can affect family life. Then, in order to make more informed decisions as to who would be more helpful as president, President Obama or former Governor Mitt Romney, let’s look at the impact that non-partisan experts say Mr. Romney’s budget would have on Americans.

Freedom is important. Freedom to be free. Freedom to ethically live life to the fullest. But do we all want each of us to experience the freedoms we say are so important? As we observe two very important days of celebration, let’s also take time to examine, reflect and assess.

Let’s continue to prepare as individuals and community for the blessings God is bringing on today’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives. America has been given a great gift. Amanda Ptashkin, Outreach and Advocacy Director for Georgians for A Healthy Future, will give  some details about the health reform law. Then, since stress continues to confront us […]

We’ll have several topics to look at today, including the toll of the great recession on the generations and some of the health impacts of religion that you may be unaware of.

Several topics are up for discussion today, including how our state tax dollars are used and good summer grilling that leads to reduced health risks.

The Board resumes our discussion of fear: how it can hurt and how it can help relationships. Then get the 411 regarding tips on helping young kids cope with long flights and stressors and how to handle them.

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