Dr. Matthew Bernthal, Associate Professor of Sport and Entertainment Management, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management at the University of South Carolina will draw on his expertise as he reveals what drives fan behavior as we get an inside look at the Olympics.
Is it weather or is it climate? It’s about pregnancy but is [...]

They wrote the book on The Makings of A Man and the True Board of Directors continues to make life’s challenges easier to understand and manage.
Helping your child by contributing to healthier digestion is another topic you won’t want to miss.

Tracy Ide, of LifeLink of Georgia, will join Carl to talk about the importance of giving to save lives. Then, during this edition of Spiritual Perspectives, let’s join hearts as we explore politics and religion from a biblical perspective.

A sad reality is that much of the violence facing us occurs where safety should be a given - in the home . Find out more about what domestic violence is and what can be done about it. Later learn more about the disease that changes the lives of millions as Carl continues his discussion [...]

Find out which locations rank as the least safe and the safest places to drive in the U.S.A.  Then, since there are going to be quite a few of you going on to the big leagues and even more just wanting to know how some move into millionaire status in the corporate world, get the [...]

The True Board of Directors continues to enrich the Speaking With Community with valuable insights about life and living.
Then find out: how we can deal with domestic violence, where trillions of dollars of America’s income is going and the state of finances for Asian-Americans.

People commit all kinds of crimes against others. Even when the tongue is their weapon of choice, many work hard to commit murder. Is there hope for them? Carl continues this balanced discussion that addresses the outcomes of consequence or redemption.
Sex in its proper context is beautiful but our girls (of all colors) are being [...]

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