This will be an exciting day. First, we’ll look at several events covered in the Metro Courier. Then we’ll move to building the family beginning with a conversation with Mike Patton, of the Georgia Health Sciences University, who will share how they’re helping to develop Healthy Grandparents and how the Healthy Grandparents are helping to [...]

Two of our topics will help us gain a greater awareness of the impact of sexualizing our girls and how we can inform our college students in protecting themselves from identity theft.

The True Board of Directors continue to share insights that help build relationships as they join Carl in Real Talk About Real Relationships.
Dr. Thaddeus Pace, of Emory University,  joins us to share more details of a therapeutic intervention that helps a group that could easily be forgotten, adolescents in foster care, experience better mental and [...]

We’re gaining more awareness of what the Creator considers good governance as we shape our reasons for our votes.
Are our high schools, public and private, almost drug-free?

What is the state of HIV levels with new medicines and mixed responses to recommendations for safe sex?
Hear from a college student who discusses the way to transition from high school to college, then get some inspiring info. on how to let your brain work for you as we study on how to focus, with [...]

Another good day for Health Matters. America is a wealthy nation. How does this factor in to the state of our women’s ability to handle medical costs compared to women in other nations? How is HIV really transmitted?

Is there any real significance to forgiving?
What’s actually happening in body when HIV invades? Let’s explore this during “Health Matters.”

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