Let’s find out what we know about happiness. That’s all you get for now so tune in! Then find out some great ways to help preschoolers spend less time with the TV and be ok with it. We’ll also find out what the constituents across the country are saying about government assistance and the tax [...]

Among today’s topics is a continuation of a principle that we can hold onto throughout life, especially when times are tough: the fact that we can appreciate God no matter how things are going.
Then let’s look at the tough choices we find ourselves making when we visit the fast-food restaurant and try to decide which [...]

The True Board, Gerard Droze, Michael Holoman and Jabari Price will share some powerful tips on purpose and strategic activity.
What do the people of the U.S.A. say about the role of government in providing assistance to our citizens in need? What do we say about how taxes are being paid? Find out what a non-partisan [...]

Carl concludes this look at the debate regarding healthcare as a right or a privilege. Then we’ll look at ways we can help our teens develop not only a healthy body but a healthy body image. We’ll also continue Monday’s interesting discussion of whether the rich are like everyone else.

When it comes to seeing, there’s more to it than most of us realize. Dr. Julian Nussbaum is Department Chair of Ophthalmology and Director of Retina Service at Georgia Health Sciences University. He’ll join us to break down the significance of the retina.
Does spirituality have any thing to do with our happiness?

Should American citizens have a right to healthcare or should having healthcare be a privilege?
After looking at arguments for and against healthcare as a right, let’s find out what’s driving the auto industry to a point where driver’s licenses may become a thing of the past.
Planning to go to college? Do you also have a [...]

As we move closer to election day, let’s also move closer to gathering facts that will help lead us to decisions about who’s ideas are best for our nation.  Grasping the impact of cuts to our school systems and why these cuts have been made “necessary” can help. Then, in the midst of the pain [...]

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