Let’s celebrate America’s women executives, especially the ladies leading the way in the defense industry. Then let’s look a little more at health care reform and follow that up with a look at H3N2. It’s similar to H1N1, the bird flu, but pertains to pigs.

We have some information for living today! When do we need to put our intuition in check? Are there ways to track our children’s developmental progress? When tough times last long enough should we just give up on God?

The Board shares some more practical insights regarding the significance of respect. Then we want you to ‘fess up if this applies. Have you ever been scooping some of that canned dog food into Fido’s dish and thought about swallowing a spoonful yourself? What would happen if you did?
Let’s activate our human hearts while wearing [...]

This will be a great day for the inquisitive. Which mammal supplies most of the milk Americans drink and why? Who do we sometimes tear up when we cry? Is there more than one way to calculate a dog’s age? A lot of questions will be answered regarding some common facts of life that we [...]

It’s Power Friday so be ready to be inspired and to work that mighty brain!
Also be ready to be empowered as Marcus Allen joins us again to discuss the joys of dealing with challenges and helping others deal with theirs.

Our children face a lot of pressure from their peers and their elders. Jennifer Mitchell, Co-President of Child Lures Prevention, will join me to discuss Child Abduction and Child Safety, a topic that will be addressed by Ken Wooden at a special Augusta State University event.
Then we’ll look, again, at what the real statistics say [...]

Last week we were having technical difficulties that prevented me from airing the planned broadcast. I’m hoping the problem will be resolved in time to offer that programming today but, if not, we’ll simulcast with our sister station, 96.9FM and bring the planned program to you in the near future.

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