There may be a connection between man’s ways and a coming extinction of the earth’s mammals. We’ll look into this then find out if we can take precise steps to help our children grow up happy.
Then Walter Sprouse joins Carl to give some exciting updates about his organization’s success in business and community development.

What do you concentrate on when you’re eating?
The truth about the impact of low income programs on the nation’s fiscal state.

They bring true wisdom to the table when it comes to relations and the True Board will share some more Real Talk About Real Relationships when they speak with Carl.
Later let’s zero in on some tips for married couples who also work their business together.

Today we’ll be able to get more information to use for life, including insights regarding the relation between the nation’s religion and health.

Get some eating tips that you don’t often hear about. Then find out some of America’s successful are living.
To help us bring this Power Friday to a powerful end, listen to great music and conversation with the Mike Frost Band and some up and coming college musicians!

Tawanna Kelley has a great Play Pal, JOY. Tawanna is a ventriloquist who’s accompanied by her pal who has traveled with her across the country and to other parts of the world. They join us to discuss their career and ministry while discussing the power of being thankful.
Melrose York lost her daughter, Susan, a few [...]

When it comes to the safety of our children, can we breathe a sigh of relief and let down our guard once our children are in their teens ? Jennifer Mitchell and Rosemary Webb head Child Lures Prevention and Teen Lures Prevention. They’ll answer this question and more as they discuss the dangers facing our [...]

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