We’ve long heard that there are benefits for a family that prays together. What about the family that eats together?
Mary Sumpter and Monica Cunningham are on a mission to help individuals and families recover from the pains that life so often brings. Find out more about this mission that you may want to get in [...]

We’ll need to be sure to join each other with hearts and minds made by one Creator and that are attuned to the real needs of our one America as we continue an honest look at the way policies of former President Bush are impacting our economy today. We need to grasp what kinds of [...]

Let’s continue to examine the Imperative of Salvation. Then we’ll begin a discussion on violence. We’ll look at warning signs of potential for violence and more.

Two of the topics we’ll explore today include anxiety, identifying it and addressing it, and violence, a continued look at signs and appropriate responses.

It’s Power Friday! Let’s look at power. Energy that is. The kind that heats our homes and brings us light. Let’s also get an important update on how we can protect ourselves by protecting our computers. Then we’ll hear more about America’s top 10 companies.

Dr. Linda Bannister and Dr. Quentin Kuyper, voice and music professionals, will speak with Carl about music and upcoming musical events.
We’ll find out how mom’s sleep (or lack of it) can affect her unborn baby.
Then Carl will speak with Barry White (no, not the Maestro of Love), of Augusta, Georgia’s Visitors and Convention Bureau about [...]

Princess Moss, a.k.a, Nina Sky, will rejoin Carl as they continue their discussion Nina’s account of  events that lead to her life of lesbianism and her decision to change.
We’re still examining whether former President George W. Bush’s policies are affecting the economy now and may affect it in the future.

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