Republicans are expressing a desire to enlarge their umbrella and become more inclusive. Are the elected officials developing the right approach? After exploring this, let’s look at the balancing act that mothers and fathers are engaged in. Let’s also find out how the nation’s young adults are perceiving and embracing (or not) the church.

The Augusta Care Pregnancy Center has been providing great services for those who are pregnant and facing a dilemma. Susan Swanson is leading the way in providing support and she has a wealth of information regarding what makes our young people tick and much more. Be sure to join us for a very enlightening conversation.
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The Board brings wide discussion for Real Talk About Real Relations so find out what the focus will be this Wednesday.
Then hear more about how the nation’s young people are responding to the church and gain more insights about life from a biblical perspective.

Perry Broadcasting of Augusta will air our annual Radiothon which gives us all the opportunity to partner with the great St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Be sure to set aside some time to listen and pledge. The Radiothon runs Thursday and Friday of this week.

Hear the stories and make your pledge!

T. Wayne, The Builder,  believes in teamwork and he’s using it to help build our young people.
La Verne Gold will update the Speaking With Community on the recent annual campaign finale of the United Way of the C.S.R.A. and tell us about their new basketball tournament.

There’s a correlation between drug use and dropping out of college.
Dr. Mark Nagel is Associate Professor of Sport and Entertainment at the University of South Carolina and he brings a wealth of knowledge about the business, including on the college level. Part of his discussion will center on March Madness.

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