Although there are some factors that are making family life more and more complicated with each passing year, it’s still a fact that family life is important and that the quality of family life can have a tremendous impact on parents and children. We know there are many ways to build the family and there [...]

The youth are among the voices telling us why many don’t experience a connection with the church.
Injustice is all around, especially the poor and peoples of color. We all need to care.
Then let’s get some clarity on some of the risk-taking behaviors of our young people and what makes the activities risky.

Are there any substantial savings in President Obama’s Medicare proposal?
We are concerned about our nation’s air, water and land. Let’s find out how we can sustain the nation. Then we want to encourage our young people, again, to take better care of yourselves.

The True Board empowered us to overcome passivity last week. Hear what’s up for discussion this week as we continue to build community through improved relations. Real Talk About Real Relations.
Later, hear about another community-building opportunity that Mrs. Rina Powell, of the United Way of the C.S.R.A. will reveal she rejoins us.

More on why there’s a disconnect between the youth and church. Then find out how we can all eat and drink more safely. Also, today, let’s get informed about the risks of sports in the lives of our youth and how we can minimize the risks and safeguard health.

Are your home and budget ready for renovation?
Mary Sumpter and Monica Cunningham were joined by an awesome cast and band when they presented their play “Give it to God.” The play sold out and members of the audience said they loved it. Mary will rejoin Carl to talk about the impact of the play and [...]

Today we’ll hear from several members of the awesome team assembled by T. Wayne the Builder. 15 year-old Stefan James; Sharon Slappy, co-creator of the attention-getting Academic Assault Vehicle; and Veronica Dawson, education expert, share how they’re contributing to the building of young people and their families.

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