We all need money, whether, rich, middle class, or poor, male or female, young or old, black, white, Hispanic Asian… Times have changed since we were able to buy a nice home, three bedrooms, living room… for $30,000. It’s a lot harder for most families to live comfortably (based on western standards any way) with [...]

There are companies that will help you with your move but many will scam you, too.
You can keep your credit card safe: at least to an extent.

Dr. Luvenia Allen knows what it means to be down and work to the top.
Who’s bringing home the bacon (money) in your home? Let’s find out what America thinks about mothers being the primary breadwinners.

How is sequestration impacting state budgets and state citizens?
Get some more practical life skills principals from a biblical perspective.

Carl shares some very helpful insights on getting back up when knocked down.
Then Dr. Elsbeth Martindale tells us how we can decide whether to stop or go with the relationship we’re considering.

Carl has a conversation with the outstanding poet, educator and activist, Nikki Giovanni.
Later, get in on an action-packed discussion with country/bluegrass greats Li’l Roy (Lewis) and Lizzie Long.

Enjoy Memorial Day with some music simulcast from our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise & Inspiration Station.

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