Let’s start the day by hearing from Lauren Virgo, Executive Director of North Augusta’s (South Carolina) Arts and Heritage Center, and Melissa Luce, a board member, as they discuss the center’s outreach to local artists and the community and an upcoming Birthday Bash.
Then I’ll let you in on some interesting ways to enjoy the holidays. [...]

You’ll hear two more voices today.
Lee Woodruff is a part of a family of heroes. Her husband, Bob Woodruff, was severely injured while serving as a co-anchor for ABC News. The family displayed real world courage as he recovered. Lee’s book, In An Instant, detailed their journey and became a New York Times bestseller. Lee [...]

The True Board of Directors will help us explore the recent decision to weaken the Voting Rights Act.
Then Sharn Varicella will help us stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of  sports.
At the end of the day, let’s continue to look at justice from a biblical perspective, especially as it relates to the Voting [...]

Find out some fun facts about Independence Day and places that help celebrate America’s diversity.

Enjoy inspirational music from our Praise and Inspiration sister Station.

Lavon Haynes is an associate of T. Wayne the Builder and entrepreneur who will discuss business development and youth development.
Then T. Wayne will discuss some exciting upcoming events designed to motivate self-improvement.
Later we’ll begin our look at tattoos. To tattoo or not.

Sometimes people decide there’s a good reason to get a tattoo, then they decide to have it removed. Here’s what’s involved when the laser is used.
How is the income gap between men and women being closed?
Europe and the U.S.A. suffered significant recessions at the same time. One used austerity measures to respond while the others [...]

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